Holy basil before bloom.

Is truth a defense in contempt proceedings?

Rose Periwinkle or Sadabahar

Turai Smooth Gourd Vegetable Flower Images

Banana Triangle

Poor's Gandhi seen only on rich note

White flower from New Delhi, India

A Cute Little Boy

Orange sun set picture

Rose withering in rain

Cutting tree is not illegal for New Delhi Municipal Commitee (NDMC)

Fiat 1100/103 of 1950's now in junk.

Talkatora Garden revisited after Rain

Jugaad scooter rickshaw of India

Roads of New Delhi and economy of India need maintenance.

Poverty dances in rain.

Abolition of child labour in India.

Unknown Plant

BSES-New Delhi

Rain in New Delhi

Melon and squirrel

Roses in Rain

No Place is too small to sleep.

Buddha Garden in Springs 2012