Merry Xmas

My shading friend bamboo

Marigold flowers in December 2013

Fat Indian Wedding: who is watching?

Post office: Government officials at work

A sikh Monk?

Coffee beans

A dog is following me.

Good morning winter 2013

A flying pink leaf.

Happy Diwali 2013.

A Rose

Still water

A dry leaf

Blocked sewer.

What are you doing in the middle of the Road?

Sleepwalkers or lost in thought.

Fat Indian Punjabi wedding.

Do you know how to smile?

Candle holders made from Green Coconut.

Termite eaten book

Shiv devotee from England.

A breakfast: Grilled Vegetarian Burger.

Railway Platform Stairs.

Assorted pakora

A healthy breakfast.

Chipkali, the urban lizard

Bald Ferrari

Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi at night.

2013: Onion Rs. 60 per Kg. in New Delhi

Triangular papaya leaves

Mango sapling leaves

A gardener at work.

Another sun set in clouds