Stone Wall in present which are Ruins in making.

A road called Shanker Road, in New Delhi. It recently had face lifting and this decorative wall was put up in place of perpetual greenery. It will look beautiful for a few months and when plaster on walls will start falling, it will not be the same. Built with stones, it will then look like ruins of ancient times.
It may be noted that Sun is about 40 degree high and positioned at 4.30 or 5 O'clock from the position of shoot.
This picture is shot with camera and Sun (at 30 degree) at 6.0 Clock position.
The second picture is more sharp while shadows is long and sky is blue.
 This third picture is from the other end of road at same time with sun at 30 degrees but at 9'O clock position. Sky is gone and top left hand is hazy. The sun effect.


  1. I see that the second shot was taken later in the day when the sun was a little lower in the sky and at more of a right angle to the direction you were shooting.

    This raking light from the side will create a more three-dimensional effect on objects.

    The lower angle of the sun will create a different light as it penetrates the atmosphere.

    I have read landscape photographers refer to the hour before dusk as the 'golden' hour because of this quality of the light.

    Of course Delhi, being 29˚ north of the equator, will not have the extremes of low light that somewhere like Scotland has. In Scotland, the sun can rake across the scene almost horizontally.

    Scotland suffers for this light - it is bitterly cold in winter :-)


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