How to buy sweet musk melon

मीठा ख़रबूज़ा कैसे पहचाने?

Beauty is not sweet!

Many tricks are used by people to identify  sweet cantaloupe or muskmelon or honeydew melon or our plain old Kharbuja ख़रबूज़ा़ । Some claim to identify by smell some by looks but truth is somewhat different. Look at the picture below:
Musk Melon
See the distorted circle where longitudenal lines meet. The worse looking and bigger this circle, sweeter is melon. 

The more beautiful the melon, it is less likely to be sweet. Beauty is not sweet. What an irony. 
This is the other side of musk melon and probably the side which we all see displayed. 
Musk melon wrong side up
Another Sweet Melon.