Can't do work. Demolish the Plaque.

Municipal Councillor demolished his own plaque.

A mini story of universal corruption.

People's representatives are such narcissists that they do not leave any opportunity to place a billboard, picture, poster or  plaque anywhere. Here is a demolished plaque:


Actually the demolished Plaque read that renovation work has been got done by Municipal Councillor. People approached him with the plea that why artificial fountain (also visible in the picture) is not working. Tired of excuses, rather than getting fountain to work, he got his plaque demolished.

But why cant he renovate the fountain?

In this picture below a green coloured drape is used to curtain and protect plants. Last year such drape measuring about 500 meter long was purchased. Now only 10 feet long remains. Where the rest go? Nobody knows. 

What is the connection between the two pictures:

The entire apparatus of fountain is also gone and nobody wants to accept that state of affair or creation of better inventory. Much less to take responsibility.

This is how corruption rolls on in India, without anybody being accountable for anything.

Recently Supreme Court observed about judicial duty:
"It is the duty of the court to see that neither the prosecution nor the accused play truancy with the criminal trial or corrode the sanctity of the proceeding. They cannot expropriate or hijack the community interest by conducting themselves in such a manner as a consequence of which the trial becomes a farcical one," 

Do representatives of people have no duty to be 'not farcical' in performance of their duties?