Lotus temple on the horizon: Two camera visions.

Another comparison of iPhone 5 with Micromax A 110 8 MP camera:

Review the landscape with iPhone 5 camera.

This is Micromax A110: camera's 8 pixel shot:

Exif data: Exposure/shutter = 1/4630 F 2.4 ISO = 114

This is iphone 5's camera shot:

Exif data: Exposure/shutter = 1/1178 F 2.4 ISO = 50


What happened up there?

Here is another picture taken from iPhone without zoom:
Exif data: Exposure/shutter = 1/1427 F 2.4 ISO = 50

Both are unedited. Now I want to believe that iphone picture will turn out better on editing. 
I am going to use android's Camera 720 editor and shall share, as and when I do. But a belief is a belief. Somebody once told me one thing about histogram: If everything is in the middle and about 3/4 th high, it is the best shot. Otherwise something is wrong. Histogram of first picture is perfect.