We may be underprivileged but we live life to its richness

साधन कम हैं पर जिंदगी भरपूर जीते हैं
बनाते हैं और खाते हैं
सड़किया भोजन से दूर रहते हैं  

Cooking Indian chapati or bread. 

All smile. Felt pleased when I asked him the menu. They are three friends. One of them runs the Mother Dairy Milk Booth (its counter/refrigerator visible behind him). Obviously they can not afford a small apartment nearby. They travel from suburb and cook lunch/brunch here in makeshift kitchen.

We cook and eat, we stay away from junk food. 
We live life to the full.
We may be underprivileged but we are not less.

Actually they are not homeless at all. They live far off and have to travel too long for work. But they have not compromised with junk street food and created this make-shift kitchen.
Apart from chapati or Indian bread i.e. रोटी/चपाती  accompanied by potato to be cooked in tomato curry, right under his left arm.

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