Partition of India: Exodus of East.

Independence of India: Remembering the bloody past.

My childhood was bereft of pictures of past. The only picture of my grand parent was on his funeral pyre and which was shot by photographer. Amatueur photography was rare in 1947. So were pictures. Partition of India into two countries India and Pakistan was a messy affair. Pakistan a country founded on the grounds of religion became intolerant. East punjab with its rich business class Hindu community was first target of Muslim rioters. Wise had anticipated and moved their family. Poor never prepared for anything and carnage happened while Statesmen of the day failed to predict and Indian holocaust. These are some of the pictures I could gather from around the internet:

The exodus of the east:

Announcement of Independence: 

People listening to speeches perhaps publicly broadcast:

Another gathering at South Block stairs, with President House at the extreme right, in the background.

Corpses at the disposal of vultures:


 More corpses:

The deluge of masses trying to ride on train:

 A gathering of people in despair:
Camp at Purana Kila Delhi.

Those who could not ride train:

Independence day gathering at Red Fort. Which year is it?

Survivors of a sikh family. 

 A refugee camp in tents:

Engine ceased to be hot:

A sikh family. Women unaware of her attire but tacit smile shows the sweetness of survival.

A rare colour video about independence: