This bat was scary.

Bat is a rat with wings. 

It is a small creature but a brush with bat can cause many deadly diseases. Rabies is most likely result.  

Bats are ugly and scary. Especially no eyes part. 

Imagine 8.30 PM and a bat flies into your well lit room and clings to a wall. A few moments later it flew out, to enter the room again but this time it placed itself on the floor.

As it turned out that it had difficulty in flying and therefore was looking for a place to hide. It slipped under the bed but came out, after a few moments. After testing another corner, it slowly crawled out of room. BTW, I did turn the TV loud. It is said Bats can hear. Do not know if TV matched its frequency. Some politicians were talking on TV.

Light was poor. The actual pictures were worst. All tweaked in PS Express for iphone.