Politicians treat voters as fools.

Story of another plaque!

Remember, there was a politician who demolished his plaque so that he may not have to explain why showers are not working?

The detritus of demolished plaque is still lying there but this new plaque has come up, near by.

 A closeup view of the plaque:
This plaque says that North Delhi Municipal Corporation has arranged for Marshals for security of women. Fact of the matter is that in this area there never was a single case of eve teasing, ever reported what to speak of crime against woman.

Another interesting aspect is that, recently there have been incidents of chain snatching by hooligans riding on bikes. But these 'Marshals' are inside the garden. How will they run out and catch culprit or prevent crime is a mystery to logic. 

Who are these marshals and what they are doing?

Have a look:

5 volunteers of civil defence gossiping and giggling in a park. From next day two are posted at a time. They pass whole day more or less like like that. 

Civil defence is a citizen initiative and volunteers are paid a little stipend and dress. These guys are obviously in it for that frugal stipend. In any case 'Marshal' sounds so elaborate. 

Whom does municipal councillor is taking for a ride?